Missing the Miracle in the Song & Dance?

First things first. I think The Rev'd Kate Botley is brilliant. Would I do a Flash Mob in a wedding? Probably not - now Kate has done it first! See it is very easy to disapprove of something once it has been splashed all over the media.

I am however a huge proponent of participatory church as +Vicky Beeching writes about it in the Indy. Lots of us are out here exploring participatory worship for a generation who have forgotten how to participate, and have only been taught how to consume. Vicky is in a unique position to help raise awareness of this Christianity that brings together vibrancy, participation, and tradition - the living faith of the dead.

And now the discomfort. The media circus seems all a bit too Vicar's got Talent.

The reality is this. Two people got married, as they do in countless parishes across the land. What happened between them was a sacrament, a mystery and a wonder, as they were bound together in a threefold cord with God in lifelong love, procreation and companionship. A living miracle of love.

That is what the song and dance was all about. I am certain Kate and the couple would agree.

And I suspect that, in all the song and dance, what the media is missing is the miracle itself.

Update: Kate has said much the same thing on the BBC.

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