Where are the Christians on G+

It's bigger than Twitter, growing faster than Facebook ties together a whole range of services, offers easy to understand privacy tools, and yet G+ is still a Ghost Town. Except it is not, if your interested in Technology, Photography, Gaming, SciFi, or Atheism then +Google+ is the place to be - as my stream shows.

And you can understand why, because of its rich feature set. G+ Communities can replace web forums. Circles of friends can be shared with new users with ease, making it far easier to get into the social network than Twitter. Add to this Hangouts, rich integration with other Google services and the growing sense that G+ makes the whole web a social network rather than being a stand alone site.

For Christians some of these features are particularly important - especially in Ministry. Using circles and communities you can control your public and private profiles, and follow whole sets of active users. Facebook has caught up with many of these features, but few clergy I know use them.

This goes beyond clergy. Increasingly the only professional people on Facebook are Social Media Professionals.

For many of us Twitter provides the space outside of Facebook that we need for quick fire conversation and debate. But even here clergy are withdrawing behind locked accounts.

G+ makes a lot of sense. And it needs a Christian presence. In the past Christians have been slow in embracing Social Media, always a step behind. Google may well be building Web 3.0 and so far we are not taking part.

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