Where are all the UK based Emergent Speakers?

So @vahva asks - where are all the Brit speakers? To which Tim responds:
So where are we now? Surely some of us who came through post-evangelicalism and alt-worship 20 years ago have or had something to say. After all this website has been running since July 2003 - have a look. And what happened 10 years before this website still exists on WorshipCafe. It all looks very familiar if you dig through it. Over the years I have shared these ideas with others - mostly through symposia and forums and actual worship. None of us have become Christian celebrities.

Whilst drifting off to sleep at Greenbelt this year I overheard a conversation on the path: the words 'Power Mad Bishops' hung in the night air - which made me smile at an event so focussed on Christian celebrity. Because Bishop's have very little actual power, and are seldom listened to. UK Emergents have taken the same path. Where are we?

Running Parishes.

We are Vicars, busy, embedded in community, satisfied with double digits gathered souls rather than Greenbelt podiums. Not only that most of us are Anglo-Catholic, and not really very liberal apart from on gender and sexuality, and some of us are a teeny bit charismatic, or have at least made peace. And mostly I suspect that what we are doing is working.

I get the feeling that makes some people a little bit uncomfortable. Like C.S.Lewis in the Pilgrims Regress having to give in to Old Mother Kirk.

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