Candidates for the Albion Group

Confidential Memo from the Bishop to Senior Staff

Following on from the request for candidates we have a number of possible options.

The Rev'd Georgic has his roots in the Prayer Book tradition and would be warmly received by St. Edward's, however it is unknown how much wider support he could achieve. Although an obvious choice, with good experience he would not work well with St. Blake's or Trews Community Church and their ministry teams. Although St Edward's is the largest congregation in the group they would be unable to lead the group PCC alone.

The Lay Reader, Mr Digniora at St. Salad's has been interviewed and would work with the Rev'd Georgic as they have some history together. However overall charge of the PCC would be difficult to maintain.

Fr. Havistock has been suggested by members of St. Blake's, an eccentric figure with an interest in stone carving and kitchens. His leadership would be resisted by representatives of St. Edwards's but Mr Digniora has stated that he might be willing to work with him as well.

The key to the appointment may well be the success of of Trews Community Church. The lay leader Cpt. Greenwood (CA) is unable to be co-opted onto the PCC but TCC will be represented by Mr. W. E. S. T. Lothian. Combined with the influence of St. Blake's and St. Salad's this would provide some stability. However TCC's desire for full independence and their hostility towards the local sub-mariners group could cause significant problems on the PCC unless representatives of St. Blakes were willing to support Fr. Havistock on those issues.

Indeed overall control of the PCC seems difficult to envisage without the smaller number of representatives from Norn Iron (some of whom never attend PCC meetings) and other fellowship groups, including the claimed autocephalous group led by Mr Dulwich, the Forest Church Community and the Community Choir 'Play, Come You!'.

It must be said that these staffing difficulties have brought into focus the sustainability of the team and the system under which it operates, with PCC membership based on Electoral Roll rather than the regular worshipping community. Initial investigations based on recent attendance figures would see Mr Dulwich's and the Forest Church group having far more influence if they were proportionally represented.

Of course we have historically rejected such calls for change for fear that they would produce a weak and divided PCC.

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