The Good Ship CofE

I came across this image on Facebook earlier today. The context was global inequality. The picture is by no means perfect. Everyone is a man for a start. But take a look.

And now think about the church.

There is a shift in thinking in the church that is long overdue. Rather than focussing on how well things are going at one end of the church (or multiple ends if you like) we are beginning to recognise that we are a single ship that will sink or float together. 

Of course in the church the people sitting pretty in the church are not just relaxing - they are working hard. As are the folks bailing out the end with the holes in. But the folks at the top end may not have the solutions - they may not even be able to see the real problems. Throwing money and resources at the successful end of the church does not fix the problems elsewhere. Equally those bailing like crazy may struggle to see the holes too. 

What is beginning to happen is the folks at the top end are willing to come down and help out in, work together with, those contexts and expressions that are struggling. There is a recognition too that those bailing have actually been keeping the boat afloat.

I will leave you with that to reflect upon. To ask where you see yourself and your expression of church in the picture. To think about how we can offer and accept help and support. To work with others to find the holes that threaten to sink us and get them fixed.

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