Greenbelt 2014

I am off to Greenbelt shortly, and very much looking forward to preaching at the Goth Eucharist this year. Don't let us being in a youth venue put you off.

As usual please say hello if you see me. I may not recognise you if your twitter avatar is a chicken and your I.D. is not your name. Explain clearly to me who you are with hand actions if required.

Speaking of names I will be trying to see people I have never heard of (as usual) this year. I continue to be suspicious of Christian celebrity and an advocate of symposia where all contribute. I will be argueing for this passionately from the contributors hospitality area with a charged phone and a free hot drink (if such a thing exists this year).

However I would far rather be talking about passionate, inclusive, charismatic (anglo) catholic life and mission. So grab me. DM me. Text me.

I will be the one in skinny jeans. And red hair.

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