Switching to Blogger

When I started blogging again a couple of years back I went straight for the management system I knew best, Pivot. Updated to PivotX it ran nicely on my web host and enabled me to customise and design the blog to within an inch of its life using CSS, HTML and the odd bit of code. I am still pleased with the way it looks.

I am not so happy however with how easy it is to maintain. Sure the formatting and editing options are great from a PC browser with mouse and keyboard. And yes my main computing OS of choice +Android has fantastic mouse and keyboard support, good file management and editing options. But PivotX was not designed for use on smaller displays and keeping everything ticking over requires firing up the desktop or the laptop. In the meantime +Blogger has blossomed into a system that is professional and accessible.

And then +Google+  happened. I know that not many in the UK Church Twitter-sphere have got into G+ yet. How ever in tech circles it has quickly become the most important social network. For those of us who have already abandoned Facebook (check I am no longer there!) it is also a great way to share updates, photo's and news with family and friends - even if they are only on email. G+ offers communities with forum style organisation, and integrates beautifully with other Google services, such as +Google Drive  and +YouTube .  It is almost, but not quite a blogging platform in its own right.

Blogger is now integrating further with G+, as you can see from this post. So I have decided to make the switch. It is going to take some time to get everything looking the way I want, and working the way I want. In the meantime old posts will still be available at and I will be working on some new material too.

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