Cash for Christians

The Prosperity wing of the Christian Broadcast Industry is in the news yet again. Some sort of family financial meltdown at TBN.

In the past I have made clear that plenty of these folks hold some outrageous theology. Not in the Liberal way, but in the 'Heresy masquerading as Evangelical' way. You can read that in my old post Drawing a Line.
And yes, Premier Christian Media still broadcasts folks who preach a Prosperity Gospel. Which means folks in the U.K. are sending them money.

This is money that is being drained from local churches and mission to fund lavish international ministries. From my Fresh Expressions involvement I can share that U.K. Pioneers are not swimming in private jets.
For my part I have stopped supporting Premier publications and media until they drop the health and wealth Gospel. Not that God doesn't heal, not that God doesn't provide, but he doesn't need you to send a large donation to a TV ministry to do it.

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