I Am Over It.

I am over it.

No really I am.

High mass and six sticks delivered in a detached monotone. Three scared ministers.

Over enthusiastic prophetic repetitive contemporary worship. The same every week.

Dull dry sleep inducing BCP. Heads held in washing hands.

Stone holding, tree watching, beat listening. Is it Alt, is it Worship?

Even the parsonical perfections of dreaming Dearmerism. Whatever happened to that.

I am no longer interested in that conversation. Not the way we do it.

Let's talk about encounter, mind body and spirit.

Let's talk about offering ourselves and all we are and all we could be.

Imagine if we could talk about worship without the tradition specific language,
without the clues that weight others perceptions
and give our preferences and prejudices away.

And why not?

Here is a plan. Try to write a couple of hundred words about worship and you. Then edit out the clues.

I dare you.

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